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Dive into our proven system of worksheets, exercises and videos, supported by 1:1 live coaching sessions wherever you are based, globally!

45 mins 1-to-1 coaching for each module - 6 modules in your own time frame

The most effective way to develop your Personal Brand

Build YOUR brand with Lesley Everett's proven Walking TALL system. Start your journey here. . .

Module 1 - Discover your uniqueness

  • setting clear objectives & personal goals
  • using your action plan
  • what do I want to be known for?
  • what is my authentic core?
  • creating the foundation to your brand statement

Module 2 - Refining your personal brand

  • managing the perception of your brand & improving self awarenes
  • clarity of values
  • the power of the first impression & how to improve yours
  • feedback on how you come across
  • the Espresso Effect for determining your authentic brand story

Module 3 - Increasing your visibility & profile

  • creating a strategic and manageable visibility plan for extra exposure
  • more effective networking
  • being memorable for the right reasons

Module 4 - Effective Communication

  • image & style
  • - choosing what's appropriate for my brand
  • - the common image wreckers
  • - color analysis (optional)
  • managing your body language
  • understanding different personality traits
  • - a personal profile explained (optional)
  • - building rapport
  • - creating solid relationships

Module 5 - Presentational brand & getting your message across

  • tools & techniques for getting personality into your presentations
  • delivering your message in an engaging and compelling way
  • avoiding the pitfalls of dull message delivery

Module 6 - Digital brand, your brand statement & next steps

  • creating a solid personal brand online
  • - online brand errors to avoid
  • - using LinkedIn, FB & Twitter professionally for building your brand
  • completing your brand statement
  • - who you really are & what you really do
  • review of goals & actions

Can you answer yes? 

  • Do you feel that people don’t understand you for who you really are and what you bring? 
  •  Would you like to be well-known for what you do? 
  •  Do you need to take more control of your career with the right tools? 
  •  Could you increase your visibility and exposure in your company/industry? 
  •  Do you feel you could make a greater impact in interviews, meetings and presentations? 
  •  Is there scope to feel or be more valued and respected? 
  •  Do you need some guidance on your digital brand? 

If so, this program is for you . . .


. . your personal brand is what people say about YOU behind your back . . . take control of your brand now!